Puente Negro / Textile performance

I have been developing a large format textile intervention composed of codes inspired by the iconography of the Mogollón cultures that inhabited the US Mexican border from 1000 BC -1350.

As part of my research on textile technology and environmental protection. This series of QR codes seeks to interact with the audience through mobile devices with data about history, pollution, endangered species, a sound file among other data can be consulted.

The intention is to get closer through art to a new narrative about the Rio Grande, its importance and our relationship with it. #codigosvivos #aguaesvida #elrionoesunafrontera #wsa_matextile
Winchester School of Art


“Rivers are networks in motion, they are alive by their own and that life is what we must protect and take care of because water gives us life,” said Terrazas Islas, who has been struck by how birds come to drink water contaminated” El Diario de Juarez


Berta Vive, la lucha sigue!

“The Lenca people are ancestral custodians of the rivers, also protected by the spirits of the girls who teach us that giving our lives in multiple ways for the defense of rivers is giving our lives for the good of humanity on this planet” Berta Cáceres #aguaesvida #riveroflife #riobravo #bertavive #laluchasigue #scketchbook

Photo credit: https://ceasefiremagazine.co.uk/she-die-multiplied-honouring-berta-caceres/